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Chinese companies going global – Ting Zhang on Phoenix TV
Ting Zhang on Phoenix TV, offering her observations of and thoughts about Chinese companies going global,...
Keep growing – the success story of a Cambridge-based tech company in China
What does it take for UK technology companies to succeed in China? Ting Zhang, Crayfish.io Founder and...
Crayfish.io at Zhongguancun Forum 2024 - Ting hosted a panel on tech transfer with new generation digital tools
What does it take to be a good technology transfer manager? How to create powerful digital tools to empower...
Chinese consumer tech companies’ visit to Cambridge - innovation and exchange of ideas
VR, AI,  IoT, industrial innovation, just some of the topics we covered in one day –  what a productive...
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Trends, Insights, Data and Case Studies - UK-China Healthcare 2024
Such thought-provoking discussions on the healthcare sector in the UK and China, in 2024 and beyond,...
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Seasons Greetings and an End-of-Year Note from Crayfish.io
A heartfelt thank you from Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of Crayfish.io and everybody at Crayfish.io,...
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Innovation, IP, Local Partners, and Reality Check - Keywords in UK-China Tech and Business Narratives
When it comes to UK-China trade, investment, and technology, some basic rules for success apply at all...
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Succeeding in China beyond 2023: Opportunities, Challenges, and best practices
As the year draws to an end, Crayfish takes a look at how businesses can succeed in China beyond 2023.  We...
Ting and CB at Mulan Awards (Pro)
Mulan Award for Ting Zhang - an accolade to recognize her contributions to business
Congratulations to our very own Ting Zhang, founder and CEO of Crayfish.io, for a special accolade –...
Cambridge Tech CEO Luncheon Roundtable - Doing Business in China
What an Autumn treat, with food for thought on UK companies doing business in China  and … an authentic...
UK-China Trade: Is Security Paranoia Preventing A Lucrative Partnership?
Our CEO and founder, Ting Zhang had a lot to say on the subject of UK|China trade when she was interviewed...
Competing in the tech race: why the west needs to negotiate with China
Ting Zhang, our Founder & CEO tells Business Leader magazine, the go-to resource for entrepreneurs...
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