Client Stories

Crayfish’s holistic approach helps to ensure all elements are in place at the right time for the clients during the dynamic process of doing business in the Far East. Trusted by both public and private sectors, our experience of facilitating the East with the West speaks for itself in helping many Western businesses succeed in China and beyond.

Some client case studies are available here and there are many more success stories we can share with you.

Featured Stories

“As you are aware, we have got our business licence from our FIE in Shenzhen with your help and I’d like to thank you for your involvement without which it would be a lot more difficult and complex. Over the past few months we had worked as a team to get all things sorted and thank you for your introduction of the local service network in China. In the months and years ahead, I am still counting on you to guide me with expert advice on many other areas that remain puzzling to dCS as a company.”