Client FAQs -- For Fixed Price Services

Why should I buy digital services for my business?

Our wide range of fixed price services is designed to offer you both good quality and affordability. All fixed price services will be delivered according to the scope described, within the timeline and without any hidden charges. Another advantage for you is our streamlined project delivery process, which has been developed based on the unique combination of many years’ experience of carrying out international business in Asia and the use of tailored platform technology.  


Who will provide the fixed price services listed on

This will be either one of Crayfish team members or a selected associates for specific domain expertise. We work jointly to offer the best value quality services but the responsibility always lies with us. 


How do you ensure quality? 

All fixed price services purchased on this platform are guaranteed by If you are not happy with the quality of the work delivered, just let us know and we will either help the project team improve the deliverables or provide a refund. For more details please refer to our Terms of Service. 


How can I buy a service listed on your platform? 

Firstly, please register as a ‘Client’, and you will receive an email to activate your account. You can then purchase a service straightaway. 


What can I do if I want to cancel the service purchased? 

You can cancel the service and get a full refund before we or the service provider starts the work, and you should contact our customer service team immediately to submit the refund request. However, if you cancel after the work has already started, you will be charged for any work carried out prior to us or the service provider receiving your cancellation. Please check our Terms of Service for details. 


What is the process of delivery after I buy the service listed on 

Your ordered service will kick off after we accept the project, which will normally happen within one working day after the payment is made. You will then be able to communicate directly with the project team, submitting information and documents if required, checking progress and milestones via the platform. 


How do I monitor the project progress? 

You can login to your account and use our in-platform communication tool to check and monitor the progress of your project, and you can also communicate and provide feedback to our project team there at any time. You will receive an email notification every time the project team contacts you. 


How do I protect my IP and confidential information on your platform? 

It is our top priority to protect your confidential information. All team and associates are bound by our Terms of Service, which includes a general IP protection term (Section 11) and a confidentiality term (Section 14). 


Can I change the service scope or deliverables after purchase? 

All fixed price services listed on are designed to offer you a combination of streamlined process, fixed deliverables and controlled cost. Any change of scope or deliverables may lead to a change of service price. You will need to communicate with your project team for any such changes. 


How long will a service take to deliver via 

While the timeline and milestones of each service are different, the ‘Deliverables’ section included in each fixed price service indicates how long it will take to complete the service. The applied turnaround time defined for each of the services is ‘working day’ or ‘working week’.


What should I do if the service could not be delivered as expected? 

It is highly recommended that you read carefully the scope and deliverables of the services before making the purchase, and always communicate with our project team to clarify milestones at the outset to avoid misunderstanding. If for unexpected reasons we cannot deliver promised services, we will arrange a refund of your payment. 


Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, you can. The online payment gateway uses Stripe and Paypal which are designed to improve efficiency and provide a streamlined process for each service.  However, if you prefer, you can have an invoice generated to send to your email, or share with your finance or for internal budget approval. 

Where can I find my invoice? 

You can find your invoice in your dashboard under “My Orders”.  The invoice is also sent to you by email with your order confirmation. VAT is generated automatically according to your registered country. You can contact us if the invoice is not accurate or misses any key information.


Why didn’t I receive notification emails?

You should receive notification emails fairly quickly. If not, then check your spam box or request the notification email to be sent again. If none of the above works, contact us to get help.


Are there other services available other than those listed on the platform? 

Yes. As well as those services listed on, we also provide a tailored service to address your needs for more complex China projects. You can contact us here.