We help you to define an effective China strategy. Our market entry services will assess your opportunity and product-market fit in China, develop your
route to market and roadmap through market research and analysis, and provide strategic planning led by industry experts. Our expertise is
predominantly with SMEs and fast-growing businesses across a range of sectors including Manufacturing & Engineering, IT & Software, Education, Life Science, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, and AgriTech, among others.


If you want to develop an effective China strategy, market research is the optimal starting point  to help you prepare a solid foundation for your strategy and planning.

Market Overview Desk Research

With specific objectives and  key questions, desk research  will gather important data,  verify information from open  sources, and provide credible  background insights to help  you understand the market  landscape and competition  while identifying the  opportunities.

Market Research Interview-based Research

Interview-based research is  the best way to obtain first-  hand information, reliable  data, personal knowledge, and expert insights, which are  not available from the desk research into published  sources. Face-to-face or telephone interviews will be  carried out on the ground by  a specialist research team  with industry and market  expertise using highly  customised questionnaires.

Market research Focus Groups

The focus group service is
designed to identify Chinese customers’ experience and knowledge about a particular product, service, or solution, and is an alternative to obtaining information from traditional customer surveys.
Focus groups utilize a
qualitative data collection method, while the
participants are able to interact and feedback with actionable insights on
specific topics.


Depending on your industry, stage of business, and based on market research, your China entry  strategy could be direct exporting, licensing, joint venture, franchising, or setting up a subsidiary. It is  also critical to spend time understanding the regulatory environment prior to making any decision to  enter the market.

An important part of creating a China entry strategy is to highlight the strengths and challenges your  business will face in China before suggesting the best entry model to market. Our team of industry  experts will help you with strategic planning with practical recommendations integrated into your  China plan.