A unique fully-funded facility for IP protection and commercialisation in China at no cost, only available through Crayfish®. We cover your costs for filing and maintaining new patents in China, identifying China-based licensing opportunities, and ultimately maximising the value of your overall patent family.

Entering the Chinese market entails immense opportunity and a unique set of challenges for IP owners. The most effective solution would require a physical, local presence with experienced staff to navigate cultural and linguistic barriers as well as the general market and legal affairs.

For those who don’t already have an established presence and local specialist team on the ground, we have the right solution: a partnership model designed to help you overcome these challenges with strategic entry plans and partnerships to increase overall success rates and reduce potential risks to a minimum


This is a comprehensive service provided jointly by Cambridge-based Crayfish.io  and our Chinese partner Sinofaith IP Group.

In outline and in its basic form, this model offers you an opportunity to have your  patented IP protected and commercialised in China at no cost and with a share in  any proceeds produced from monetizing the IP within China.

Typically the model can be applied to patents that are still in the window of time for  filing in China. Specifically, for a UK patent application that has not entered the PCT  procedure, the time window is 12 months after the application date, less one month  for Sinofaith to process the filing; and for a PCT application, such time window is 30  months after the priority date, less one month for Sinofaith to process the filing.

Under the terms of this model, we will act as an agent for the Chinese IP market and  cover all relevant costs of operation. Our established local footprint can become the  cultural link with a bilingual team in your HQ base, levelling the playing field of local  Chinese markets.


The commercialisation in China will typically be achieved by means of licensing, but  it may involve a different mechanism, such as a sale of the IP or any proceeds  resulting from litigation.

Depending on the circumstances, a transaction may also include the provision of  technical support by the IP owner to enable the successful exploitation of the IP. In  other cases and by mutual agreement, a partnership may involve the establishment  of a Chinese entity or Joint Venture, potentially with investment made or  recommended by us.

Acting as an integrated solution to support all your IP protection and  commercialisation needs, our model will also be able to maximise the value of your  overall patent family.

Moreover, we will execute and cover the costs of:

Patent filing and prosecution in China
Commercialisation in the Chinese market
Any necessary enforcement of IP rights within the territory of China

In return, we ask for an exclusive right to conduct these activities on your behalf in  China. You as the rights owner will receive a share of the income from our successful  commercialisation, for patent sale, technology transfer and licensing, as well as for  successful enforcement (including litigation). The sharing of proceeds will happen  after deducting all agreed costs and expenses and applicable taxes.

We will agree with you in advance regarding your global rights, right to buy-back and  other terms & conditions of the partnership.

Based in Cambridge, Crayfish.io Ltd is a trusted advisor and partner helping businesses to succeed in  China with a focus on tech. We work closely with our strategic partner & shareholder Sinofaith IP Group,  in safeguarding and expediting our client’s business expansion into China. Headquartered in Shanghai,  Sinofaith is the largest integrated and privately-owned intellectual property group in China with over  1000 employees in China, Japan and the US.