To achieve profitable and sustainable growth in China, you may have plans suitable for a specific industry and the stages of your business, should it be setting up in China, building a local team, or working with business development professionals. Having helped SMEs and fast-growing businesses across a range of sectors, we have a very strong team lined up for your growth projects, which would be led by a dedicated account manager, with work carried out by our team and trusted partners.


Without you setting up a China business or hiring locally, we have a team of business development professionals helping you to identify and engage with your targeted customers in China and secure deals. Our industry expertise, connection with decision-makers, and resources in the group will help you explore consistently new opportunities and safeguard relationships with your partners, suppliers, and customers in the Greater China region. All business development projects will start with an in-depth industry analysis and planning, followed by on-the-ground execution on an ongoing basis.


Once you have decided that a physical presence is needed in China, there are different types of business structures that you may consider, such as wholly-owned foreign enterprise (WOFE), Representative Office (RO), and Joint Venture (JV). Each comes with pros and cons that you should consider carefully and select the most suitable form according to your China business plan, among other factors. However, for most of us who are used to setting up a company online with a few clicks, setting up in China is still a complex process. It is necessary to understand the intricacies of the process and highly recommended that you hire experienced service firms to help you set up a company in China properly and professionally.


Recruiting early employees and building your local team can be the most important piece of the jigsaw to fulfil your business vision in China. After all, you need local expertise to implement your strategy and consolidate your USP in the huge Chinese market. China, renowned as a primary import and export market, has accumulated a huge number of bilingual talents in the past few decades. However, it is almost mandatory for foreign companies recruiting in China to localise job descriptions, utilise Chinese recruiting platforms for job adverts, screen candidates with knowledge of the market and industry, and benchmark salary & benefits on the local standards. With recruitment consultants on the ground, we can support you in finding the right people to boost your growth journey in the Chinese market.