Building a multi-level communication and marketing strategy for the Chinese market requires research, planning, creativity, testing, and measurement. By investing in communications, your business will be able to successfully reach and develop your target audience in the Chinese market. Crayfish is an innovative alternative to your traditional marketing & PR agency. We help companies in a range of sectors to create strategies and implement action plans.


A communication strategy is an essential component of any business’s activities, especially as you prepare to enter the Chinese market. The strategy shall outline your understanding of your target audience, what and how you tailor messaging, and why it matters to your target audience when the language and culture are different from what we used to in the West. Our specialist marketers will help you to create:


  • Brand strategy: brand positioning and USP in the market including brand statement, value proposition, tone & attributes
  • Communication strategy: key message, objectives, target audiences, and approach
  • Content strategy: keywords, create and utilize content
  • Channel strategy: channel analysis and recommendations
    Promotion strategy


China is now transforming into the world’s most digitised economy, and doing marketing in a digital way is essential for all brands including B2B companies. You must have a good understanding of China’s complex and totally different online media landscape as well as your Chinese customer’s behaviours across various platforms before you can decide on which channels are best for your business, how you localise the content, and the optimal way to run campaigns. A team of digital marketing specialists will help you to:

  • Understand China’s digital marketing landscape
  • Select, set up, and manage online or social media accounts
  • Create a content calendar and campaign plans