A key step to success when doing business with China is connecting with the right partners, whether distributor partners, manufacturing partners, or investors. We will assist you in developing the profile of a suitable partner and then conduct the search, identification, and verification of potential partners who will work with you to sell, manufacture, or operate in the Chinese market.


Doing business through distributor partners has many advantages that enable you to benefit from the partner’s local knowledge, established channels and connections, reduce the barriers, time, and costs entering a new territory or segment, access to market trends, regulatory changes, and industry insights, have a local team to manage after-sale customer service on your behalf. In the meantime, finding like-minded distributors with aligned interests can be challenging. Our distributor partner search will assist you in identifying your industry clusters and active players, profiling a suitable partner, and searching and qualifying potential partners who will work with you for the long term.


China is leading the world in manufacturing. A fast-growing company naturally considers China as one of the best places to optimise its supply chain, build production lines, and lower sourcing costs. However, there are thousands of contract manufacturers in China. If you are a startup or scaleup, it won’t be an easy job to search, contact, and evaluate manufacturers to your business needs. Furthermore, not all information about a contract manufacturer is available in English. Even when it is, it can be vague or difficult to understand. Using local language for information collection and assessment both commercially and technically, Crayfish can help you find the right manufacturers and qualify their capability for your products.