Client Stories

Chinese cultural savvy keeps creative developer ahead of games

“I really want to thank you for all your support over the past few years. You have been so helpful to work with.”
CEO, Unit 2 Games


Unit 2 Games is a British award-winning games studio formed in 2017 to build Crayta, with a mission to make game and digital experience creation accessible to anyone and everyone. The company was already growing rapidly in 2018 under a highly experienced team and attracting many talents to join.

The challenge

The visionary founders recognised the importance of the Chinese market right from the start, and wanted to find a strong Chinese partner. But the team had no direct experience in doing business with China.

How did Crayfish help?

At a China briefing event for UK games industry, U2G founders heard Crayfish’s CEO’s talk about the importance of cultural understanding in forming partnership in China. After a productive discussion, Crayfish was invited to deliver a tailored one-day China workshop to the senior team members of U2G in Leamington Spa, which covered a wide range of essential topics:

  • Fundamental concepts and aspects of Chinese culture, which helps understanding of why and how Chinese people think and behave differently
  • Business etiquette, commercial practices in China, avoiding common pitfalls such as corruption
  • Most effective ways to communicate with Chinese counterparts
  • How to protect intellectual property and negotiate contracts
  • Strategic Chinese initiatives, and trends of Chinese investment into the UK games industry

In the subsequent months, Crayfish provided further advice and support to U2G team in their interactions with Chinese counterparts.  The marketplace also came to timely help when an urgent test was needed to be done in China for Crayta prior to the senior team boarding flights for Shanghai.

What was the outcome?

The workshop went down very well.  Equipped with the newly acquired knowledge, a five-strong team from U2G went to conquer the yearly global games event ChinaJoy in Shanghai a few weeks later and came back with more warm leads than any other British delegates. 

Ahead of the visit, Crayfish team had the U2G team’s business cards translated with a proper Chinese name for everyone, which helped initiate the business conversations.
The company went ahead to secure a significant investment in 2019 from a China based fund that helped execute the plan for Crayta and its successful launch.

What does the client say?

“I really want to thank you for all your support over the past few years. You have been so helpful to work with.”