at Zhongguancun Forum 2024 – Ting hosted a panel on tech transfer with new generation digital tools

What does it take to be a good technology transfer manager? How to create powerful digital tools to empower tech transfer and commercialization? Any success stories? 

These are the questions put towards a panel at a parallel session of Zhongguancun Forum 2024 in Beijing. Ting Zhang, Crayfish Founder & CEO, hosted the panel, consisting of experts and professionals in China’s tech and business sphere. 

Industry insiders exchanged thoughts, lessons, ideas and reflections on the past and future of the many aspects of tech transfer management. The panel agreed on one thing – collaboration is key in this field. Contributing to the exchanges of minds were:

  • Xiaoqin Shen, Deputy Director, Science and Technology Evaluation and Achievement Transformation Center, Zhejiang Province
  • Peng Cao, Senior partner and Deputy Director,  Jiaxuan Law Firm, director of Hard Technology Legal Service Center
  • Zhaokui Zhu, Director, China Electronics Technology Achievement Transformation Center
  • Hua Hong, Founder, The Barn Hardware Incubator

Topics touched on or delved into included achievements and experience in tech transformation, particularly adopting and creating cutting-edge IT tools as part of the solutions in practice, commercialising hardware and tech IP rights, empowering tech start-ups with tech incubators,  the rational and expectations on trade associations and groups for information exchange in the tech transfer field,   

The panel, organised by International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), one of’s Chinese  partners, was part of the International Technology Trade Fair during the ZGC Forum 2024, April 25 – 29.

The five-day tech gala, themed “Innovating for a Better World”, focuses on cutting-edge frontier tech spaces spanning AI, 6G, life sciences, blockchains and new materials, among others. The parallel sessions and events cover a wide range of subjects and fields, including international tech transfer and tech transfer management. 

Founded in 2007, ZGC Forum has evolved into a high-level open innovation platform and international technology trade fair. This year it has welcomed participants from over 100 countries and regions,  3,100 entries from 75 countries  to the cutting-edge tech competition, and 6,000+ projects from over 40 countries and regions in the tech trading section.

Known as “China’s Silicon Valley”, Zhongguancun sits in the northwestern part of Beijing and is home to over 17,000 high-tech enterprises.