What have we done in 2020?

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the summer of 2020. During the unprecedented months of the pandemic, we have made every effort to provide support and free services to other businesses that were also going through difficult times.

Fighting The Epidemic


1. Free Access To Medical Machine Translation Platform


Immediately following the outbreak, Crayfish.io announced it would offer free English-Chinese machine translations to all researchers, scientists, medical and life science companies, and NGOs working to halt the pandemic caused by Covid-19. As featured on BBC Look East and CGTN, a number of companies in medical research took advantage of the offer and used the free medical machine translation platform to facilitate their collaborations with China.






2. Commission-free Use Of Crayfish Marketplace


In April, Crayfish.io continued to support UK SMEs by announcing commission-free use of its online marketplace. Businesses were invited to use the purpose-built Crayfish® marketplace to continue cross-border collaborations requiring Chinese business and language skills, and to help with many different aspects of work; from translating business documents from or into Chinese through to hiring freelancers and agencies to liaise with Chinese suppliers and factories. Our “commission-free” campaign was extremely well received by UK businesses companies and featured as a page lead news item in the respected Cambridge Independent newspaper.


3. Supporting Back-to-Work Safety  


We have continued to support companies with the fresh challenges they face, such as sourcing good quality, effective PPE for their employees as they start to return back to the workplace.


As a platform connecting business and service providers, we decided to put our platform technology to good use during these precedented times, by making the sourcing of vital, quality PPE easier and safer via our online marketplace.



Businesses simply sign up and post their requirements through our platform, then wait for competitive bids and availability information from our trusted suppliers. Posting is free, and we have set the commission to 0% until September.



1. Hosting And Participating In Online Events


During the first half of the year, Crayfish.io successfully held and was actively participated in more than 20 online events. Below is a summary of some of these events over the last four months. We’d love your feedback on which you feel worked well and welcome your ideas for future sessions.


  • WeChat sales and marketing
  • Online Q&A with Crayfish Experts: China E-Commerce
  • Online Q&A with Crayfish Experts: Healthcare
  • How to engage digitally in China?
  • B2B Digital Marketing in China
  • Rethinking your supply chain strategy
  • Re-imagining the UK-China Tech Relationship in the Post-COVID Era
  • Current development in UK China inward and outward trade and investment
  • Rethinking your HR strategy




2. Fireside Chat With Experts


What new challenges will we face post-pandemic? How will our society and economy develop? In response to these questions like these, we invited experts from finance, life sciences and e-commerce to share their insights and observations through our “Fireside Chat with Crayfish.io Experts” video series, which we ran earlier this year.






1. The most influential women in UK Tech 2020

Last month (July), Crayfish.io founder &CEO Zhang Ting was recognised in the prestigious Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2020 longlist, which is compiled annually by Computer Weekly magazine.


The Crayfish.io Management team is a female-led team: As well as our CEO Ting, Jiao Li, our co-founder, leads the marketing, platform and product development for the company. We are delighted to be inspiring the future female generation to work within the traditionally male-dominant Tech space.



2. Service Model Innovation


While face-to-face business services have been disrupted during the pandemic, we believe that innovation is the key to ensuring that our clients still receive an efficient service. Crayfish.io has responded by rapidly developing and introducing a range of new cross-border services and has continued to work with our clients as effectively as ever.


The most important innovation was the introduction of Standard Services. Using website localisation as an example, we developed standard service based on similar projects we have delivered, different enquiries from our clients, as well as all-important feedback from our suppliers.


This new standard service can meet clients’ needs whilst halving delivery time, greatly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. All of our standard services have now been digitalized, and all of our projects can be managed online while meeting the needs of our customers.




3. Ting Zhang On BBC News


In early July, Our CEO and founder Ting Zhang was invited to share her expert knowledge and views about UK-China business relations on BBC News.



Over the last seven months, the pandemic has changed our lives and forced us to rethink our strategy. At Crayfish.io, we have tried our best to help in the fight against COVID-19 by helping as many companies as possible continue their business by initiating innovative services and sharing our insights on the latest trends and best practices for successful cross -border collaborations.


Looking to the future, we are committed to supporting businesses through these difficult times and maintaining Sino-Western cooperation and business exchange.