UK-China: what’s happening and the future outlook; business travel updates, and more

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Despite ongoing geopolitical challenges, there are still positive developments between the UK and China, with collaborations happening across business, education, culture and the arts. Direct flights with China are gradually being resumed, and we hope you are ready to re-engage the Chinese market again


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Does the recent anti-China rhetoric by British PM candidates represent an irreversible trend within the British political establishment? Or is it just temporary election hype without teeth? And what are the short and long-term business impacts of this political process on the UK-China relationship?

Ting Zhang, our Founder & CEO, shares her views in a recent article.

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Direct flights are being resumed between UK and China, starting with Beijing / Shanghai to London, then weekly service between Manchester-Beijing service, and now adding more Chinese city destinations from London.

Face to face interaction is so important for building trust and maintaining partnerships in doing business in China, and the resumed direct flights will enable our clients and the wider UK-China business community to plan their 1st trip to China since the pandemic started. A personal visit will help their business succeed in China by a long way, not just in air miles! Read more on the Manchester-Beijing service and its economic impact.

We post regular updates on changes in international travels to China, you can catch up on the latest one about Greater China re-opening here.


We had a busy summer having successfully completed multiple projects for our clients:

  • New distributors identified in a number of sectors
  • Vacancies filled for tech sales and FAE in Shenzhen and Shanghai
  • Chinese social media channels launched in professional services and software
  • Chinese websites localised for British and European manufacturers
  • New China digital strategy developed for US education companies

Other client initiatives being discussed include market research, business development, China manufacturing, as well as legal compliance (data protection), and IP licensing opportunities.


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