UK-China Collaboration on EnviroTech; Beyond 20th Party Congress; Cross Culture in Management; and more

The last week of October saw both the UK and China settling down with a new government, having formed in very different ways. The leaders in both countries vowed to tackle significant domestic and international challenges and to dedicate themselves to serving the people.  While the new Rishi Sunak government is debating on effective economic policies, China continues its emphasis on green development and transformation to a digital economy powered by innovation. Let’s hope both countries are able to make steady progress from here.


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Our Founder & CEO Ting Zhang was invited to speak in a panel discussion on “China’s EnviroTech Landscape” by Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). She summarised her key points in two posts on LinkedIn. The first post talks about opportunities for UK-China business collaborations and ways to engage with each other, while the second post covers common concerns and misconceptions, challenges, and ways to overcome them.

HOT TOPIC: Beyond the 20th Party Congress

Although China’s 20th party congress closed with no major surprises, there are profound implications for China’s economic policy and the impact will be felt beyond China. We selected a few press articles to help you stay informed.

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South China Morning Post’s special edition of “Global Impact” reviewed the events that happened during the 20th Party Congress with deep dives into some key policy points.

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Financial Times article on the future direction of Chinese economic policy amid the country’s significant domestic and international challenges.

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Reuters reported that China’s cabinet issued rules on Tuesday to promote private businesses, in an effort to boost the economy and increase employment.


Have you watched “American Factory”, the Oscar-winning documentary about the culture clash between American and Chinese workers in Ohio? Ting Zhang provides her verdict, for those interested in exploring the topic of cross-cultural issues in management.


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This online session on 17th November, brought to you by in partnership with Cambridge Network, will give you an insight on China’s digital landscape, the digital trends, and how business practices are being revolutionised.

  • As a British B2B business that is looking to enter China remotely, where do you start?
  • What is the best way to reach and ultimately sell to your target audiences in Greater China?
  • Why and what do you need to understand about social media in China? How do you define a plan of action?

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