Ting’s Blog: Crayfish.io Helps You Catch Up on the Latest Chinese Business Trends

Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of Cambridge-based Crayfish.io, has been connecting with some of industry’s brightest minds at recent events and webinars. Her journey in the past few weeks highlights a few of the latest Chinese business trends:

  • Opportunities for UK companies – ‘One Belt One Road’
  • China’s leadership role in global economy
  • Practical advice & tips from industry experts
  • Guiding first steps into successful business execution


Here is the summary for each event:

Ting Zhang with Sir Vince Cable & interviewed by Sky TV at the House of Commons

The ‘One Belt One Road’ event focused on the role of China as a major player in the global economy and explored the large-scale commercial opportunities that this great Chinese trade initiative brings to the UK. As pointed out by Sir Vince Cable, what British businesses can do is actively participate to build a mutually beneficial partnership.  Ting Zhang echoed this by laying emphasis on effective and facilitated communication to overcome cultural barriers.

Ting Zhang at Horasis China Global Meeting & in conversation with a graduate entrepreneur

According to research, barely 5% of the businesses started by graduates in China manage to survive after 3 years. At the Horasis China meeting – identifying new business opportunities and China’s leadership role – Ting Zhang spoke about cultivating entrepreneurship and the role of youth, as she highlighted the need to mentor young Chinese entrepreneurs to help them develop realistic business plans.

Crayfish.io provides the inside track on entering China

There was plenty of food for thought at the ‘Entering China’ lunch, hosted by Frog Capital in London, where British and Chinese experts helped companies make the jump Eastwards. Ting Zhang spoke of the need to understand the cultural landscape, e.g. strong negotiation is expected; and to avoid classic pitfalls. For example, avoiding the temptation to focus on the best English speakers, when looking to recruit Chinese team members.

BESA Entering China Education Industry Conference

Crayfish.io offered practical advice and tips for British businesses exploring the Chinese market at the Launchpad Conference, organised by the British Educational Supplies Association (BESA). The participants got to grips with a wide range of topics, from market research and finding the right partner, to practical tips on using WeChat as the most effective communication tool.

Ting Zhang Shares Valuable Insights in “Exporting to China” Webinar

An “Exporting to China” webinar, organised by Santander UK, brought together Ting Zhang and other experts to share valuable insights on how to enter into business in China successfully. Crayfish.io featured as a perfect platform for those who would like to trade with China in small steps or who do not have in-house resources for Chinese projects.
Another webinar themed around distribution in China and hosted by LNP China focused on what initial steps to take in building a successful distribution network in China. Ting Zhang illustrated how easy it is to access flexible on-the-ground support via Crayfish.io, especially at early stages of business development in the country.


What does this mean for you?

The biggest challenge in trading with China is the language and culture barrier. This is where Crayfish.io comes in.

Whatever support your business needs, Crayfish.io makes the right resources available on one platform, with no extra cost to hire talent for the services you require.

Connect with and hire the best bilingual talent – qualified professionals who are proficient in Chinese and English. We custom-make solutions for your unique business hiring needs, ranging across temporary, contract, freelance and permanent positions – take your pick!

Whatever the nature of your project, use Crayfish.io to connect with independent bilingual speakers and professionals with Chinese knowledge.

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