Europe “De-risk” China, Sector Insight, Ting’s China Trip and more..


• 🔥 Hot topic – Europe “De-risk” China, is that possible? And is Macron really as weak as some China hawks claim? Tell us what you think below.

• 🏫 Chinese sector insight – Education, is that still worth your attention? Are there emerging opportunities? What policy changes you should know?

• 📷 First-hand account – Ting’s blog on her latest China trip oozes excitement,

surprises and reflections. There could be something for you.

• 🌽 Event opportunities – heads up for agritech specialists and firms.

HOT TOPIC – Can Europe “De-risk” China?

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“De-risk” – what does it mean? European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen recently said that Europe has “no interest in economic decoupling”. But can Europe truly “de-risk” with China diplomatically and economically with China as she advocated?

Germany’s foreign minister Annalena Baerbock re-emphasized, ahead of her recent two-day visit to China, that Europe’s view of China as partner, competitor and systemic rival is the compass of its policy, as Reuters reported.

Economist pointed out that Ms Baerbock insists she does not want to decouple Germany from China but to “de-risk” the relationship by diversifying supply chains away from the country to avoid dependencies on critical goods, such as preliminary products for medication.

Some commentators described Baerbock’s visit to China as a “damage control” mission days after a perceived ‘weak’ Macron stirred up controversies in his China trip with von der Leyen.

As reported by Financial Times, Macron’s China visit highlights different attitudes towards China within EU members.  In China, the visit has been seen as a very positive development between France and China, as shown in the CCTV report of the private meeting between Xi and Macron.

So what is your opinion? Do you think it will affect your business?  Are you concerned? Please leave us your comments below. 👇


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Chinese education market remains complex and huge, and changing. Our latest China Sector Insight focuses on emerging opportunities and policy changes that concern overseas investors, as written by Jane Ru.

“What is the current state of China’s education market? Has the Government changed its mind since the ‘double reduction’ policy in 2021? Several months since the end of Covid-19 restrictions, now might in fact be an excellent time to rethink what opportunities exist for technology, content, and pedagogy expansion in China.”

To read the full article, on our website Insight page or via LinkedIn article.

BLOG  – Ting’s Whirlwind trip to China (Part One)

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Fantastic insight on what’s happening with business in China packed with personal anecdotes, all in a latest blog about her recent trip, by Ting Zhang, our Founder & CEO.

“For my first business trip to China since November 2019, I inevitably had an ambitious and action-packed schedule: I was to visit seven cities in ten days at the end of March, to personally meet with colleagues, partners, and friends who had existed solely on a screen for over three years. Now back in my peaceful home in Cambridge, with a view of cherry blossoms, I reflect on what I saw, heard, and felt during my short but productive time in China.”

To read the part one of her blog on our website Insight page or via LinkedIn.

SPEAKING OPPORTUNITY: Agritech Expert Sought 

On behalf of the organiser, we are inviting one distinguished British agriculture expert to attend and make a keynote speech at the  “International Technology Trade Conference in the 2023 Zhongguancun (ZGC) Forum to be held in Beijing between 28th and 29th of May.  This year the theme of the Sino-UK part (29th May) will be around “China-Britain Cooperation in Modern Agriculture Innovation”.  Both personal and online attendance is accepted. If in person, all expenses including the flights will be covered. More information is available upon further enquiry.   If you are interested please get in touch with Ting Zhang.


There are great opportunities for two agritech companies from the UK to be selected and featured for free at the  “ZGC International Technology Trade Fair on the 2023 Zhongguancun (ZGC) Forum —China-Britain Cooperation in Modern Agriculture Innovation”.  The audiences will be a combination of leading agriculture and agritech companies, investors as well as central and regional government officials and others in the innovation ecosystem. If you are interested please get in touch with us.