China Update, Expert Interviews, US-China Chip War, and more

“The most difficult period has passed,” said the official Xinhua news agency on Monday. Since then, changes have been reported in cities across China. Tests are no longer needed for supermarkets, offices and people are adapting to the changing rules.  Analysts predict China may drop border controls sooner than expected next year.

Will businesses and consumers regain confidence in the government’s management of the disease going forward? And would the world’s 2nd  biggest economy regather strength and help to boost global growth in 2023?

Nobody can give definite answers yet, but the direction seems clear – no more zero-Covid and mass testing in China. New reopening policies are expected to come out soon. Follow us to stay informed.


For those who have not watched Ting’s recent online expert interviews on “Doing Business in China beyond 2022”, you can catch up on the two episodes via our YouTube channel:

China’s Economy, Business Environment, and Private Sector

Ting Zhang, our CEO & Founder talks to Christopher Marquis, Sinyi Professorship of Chinese Management at the Cambridge Judge Business School in early November about China’s economy, business environment, as well as cultural influence and the private sector, in the context of UK/US/China relations.

A Real Story with Focus SB

In the second episode, Ting talks to Duncan Ray MCIPS, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Focus SB Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer and global exporter of designer electrical wiring accessories, about their experience in entering and expanding in the Chinese market.


The US-China chip war is heating up as Washington announces unprecedented curbs. Will America’s harsh new policies stall the Chinese chip sector? In this interview by TRT WORLD, our previous guest speaker Dr Shirley Yu made the point that we are in a second Cold War with the nexus being technology and global trade.


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Are you new to doing business in China or having some experience but facing new challenges? Then you may like to get a free copy of our quick guide for doing business in China. Based on real questions asked and answered, this FAQ guide provides some simple but practical tips covering sales and marketing, IP protection, due diligence, setting up an office, sourcing, HR, as well as overcoming culture and language barriers.

Download here.

Client Story – Unlocking Magnetic Secrets in Digital Dimensions

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Based in Belgium, Magcam offers industry-leading magnetic measuring technologies and has expanded into the Greater China region successfully. With the shifting purchase behaviour of its customers and decision makers in China, what did Magcam do to strengthen its digital strategy for long-term sustainable growth in the world’s most digitised economy?  Read more to find out…