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China has been on news headlines every day in the past 2 weeks, from its continued fight with covid infections to mass holiday migrations, from unprecedented declines in its population to record rise in household savings, and finally from more signs of waning tech crackdowns to the optimistic remarks made by Chinese senior officials publically to woo foreign investors.

While these could provide plenty of information to help you in your rethinking and recalibrating about what your organisations should do about China – in many ways, the pivot away from zero-COVID brings lots of upside for global businesses,  while many business executives we know are talking about their plans to visit the country again after 3 years.

Read our choice of hot topic and sector insights to keep you updated.


China is back in business, what is in it for you?

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When China’s Vice Premier Liu He addressed attendees of the World Economic Forum last week, he had a clear message: China is back in business. What are the challenges the country is facing and what this means for multinationals, especially on their investment strategy and supply chain management?  Read the analysis from The Japan Times.


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What do you need to know about China’s Biopharma Clusters, especially if you are planning to set up your first operations in China? What are the notable regional differences and which location is the ideal one for you?

Read the sector insights article written by Estella Ho, our Business Development Director for Asia, packed with latest data and analysis from our own research.

This is the first of our new China Sector Insights series. In the coming months, we will cover clean-tech, education /edTech, TMT and more. If you have any sector / sub-sector you would like us to cover, please do leave a comment here, and we will try our best to incorporate that.


China surpassing US in key innovation metric and evolving from ‘imitator’

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Chinese people are known to be extremely hardworking and highly educated, but do you know that they are also  talented innovators and entrepreneurs? An American Think tank study finds China’s innovation in 2020 was 139 per cent of its US equivalent, up from 78 per cent in 2010, and the country is evolving from an imitator to an innovator, following a path blazed by its Asian Tiger neighbours – but at a much larger scale. Read here for the full article from the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post.