Why do some Western companies succeed and others fail in China?

Why do some Western companies succeed and others fail in China?

Date & Time: Thursday 27th May (12:00-12:30 pm BST)

China is often considered as a strange and intimidating market for foreign businesses. However, some Western companies appear to have done incredibly well in China, whereas others have tanked miserably – why? What can we learn from examples of ‘winners’ and losers in terms of China corporate strategy? In terms of building value, trust and relationships, how important is localizing the company’s offering and local leadership team when you do business in China?

Join our guest speaker Benjamin Schmittzehe on the 27th May and hear his deep insight gained from 30 years of working in Asia.


Benjamin Schmittzehe, Asia Business & Strategy expert
Benjamin is an Asia-focused management consultant offering Strategy, Implementation, and Investment services, many of them available via Crayfish.io platform. Sharing his time between  European and Asia,  Benjamin has serviced multinationals and large corporates, SMEs, and investment fund clients and has advised clients across a wide range of sectors.


Ting Zhang  Founder & CEO, Crayfish.io
Ting is a thought leader on UK- China trade and investment, and her expertise have been called by governments, businesses and think-tanks alike. On a daily basis, she is passionate about providing high-quality, value-for-money online business services for better engagement with China and beyond.