How to do business in China post Covid-19?

Session 1: How to do business in China post Covid-19?

Date & Time: Thursday 15th April (12:30-13:00 GMT)

Ting Zhang will use her 20+ years of experience passionately working at the forefront of UK-China business, trade and investment to discuss how companies can successfully do business in China despite the ever-changing geopolitical situation.  She will touch on the opportunities and challenges in China to answer the question of how businesses can carry on trading with China despite being unable to visit the country.


Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of
Ting is a thought leader on UK- China trade and investment, and her expertise have been called by governments, businesses and think-tanks alike. On a daily basis, she is passionate about providing high-quality, value-for-money online business services for better engagement with China and beyond.