Crayfish Webinar HR Part 1: Hiring in China

Whatever the size of your operation, there’s never been a better time to develop a China strategy. Doing business with one of the world’s largest markets and richest economies is an exciting and attractive prospect. But it also presents significant challenges and can be fraught with issues. is a full service provider for better engagement with China, powered by technology. provides the expertise to assist you through all your multi-lingual business needs, the connections to facilitate cross-border collaborations, and funding opportunities to bring your business to China. You choose online or offline, we deliver on your needs. Our marketplace can help you accelerate your business at your own pace, and our range of fixed price and tailored services bring speed to market as well as bettering the collaboration between Western and Chinese organisations.


Based in the UK and China, our network of bilingual Chinese experts have three distinct ways in which we can assist you:


EXPERTISE + assists you through all your multi-lingual needs – translation, recruitment, business development, digital marketing, market research and insight, IP strategies and other business support. It’s people, who make businesses succeed, and we help provide the right resources for your business.


CONNECTIONS + facilitates cross-border collaborations. We can introduce you to partners, help you to forge Government relationships, and provide crucial training in Chinese business culture. We also share our knowledge and experience via regular China business webinars and workshops.


CAPITAL + provides a range of services around capital. As well as giving businesses and start-ups assistance with their business plans, China strategies and related fundraising pitches – and helping to support investor relations and the execution of business plans – Crayfish now also provides technology start-ups and scale-ups with early stage capital thorough the Crayfish Accelerator programme. We are here to help you, using whichever channel suits your needs. Our combined experience of over 50 years of carrying out Chinese transactions and projects means we understand what is needed to succeed in China in an efficient way. Additionally, our understanding of both Western and Chinese business means we also know the high quality of service you require.



1. Ting Zhang

2. Jenny Chen