Crayfish Webinar: E-Commerce in China- Your gateway to the market


China now accounts for roughly 50% of the global E-commerce market. More than 10 years ago, it accounted for only less than 1%.

Are you interested in knowing more about the secrets behind the boom of China E-Com market, not only from the market volume’s perspective, but also from a technology perspective?

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the secret technologies behind Alibaba Group and China’s largest online shopping festival Double 11, how Chinese E-com brands are increasingly global, how advanced analytics and AI technologies are driving smart retail and more integrated consumer experiences both online and offline in China, the current state of AI in China and how to create a trustworthy, transparent, secure and responsible AI environment globally. Alibaba Cloud helps you create, deploy and accelerate your business, therefore, connecting you to Digital China.


Speaker: Simone Warren, Director (UKI and Nordics).

Alibaba Cloud: Simone Warren is a Director at Alibaba Cloud for the UK, Ireland & Nordics region. Simone has over 23 years of consulting experience within the IT industry, specialising in the development of disruptive Cloud and Data Centre innovation for Digital Transformation.