CBBC & Crayfish Webinar: Converting Opportunities and Sales in China

The Chinese market can be very lucrative if you have the right product with the right pricing and you enter at the right time. But even then, the sales may not happen naturally – you will need to commit resources to develop the pipeline and convert enquiries to sales. You also need to know that your distributor or partner is working with you.

We will help you understand: What you can do to convert leads; What are the most effective ways to communicate for business development purposes; How to avoid common pitfalls and potential corruptions.



1. Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of Crayfish.io

Known as one of leading China business experts in the UK, Ting has 20+ years experience of UK-China international business, trade and investment. In 2001, Ting left her career as a banker in the City of London to set up China Business Solutions which then became one of the most reputable China specialist consultancies in Europe. She has personally guided many British entrepreneurs and helped them achieve better results in doing business with China. She was also a China Venture Partner for Prime Ventures, a leading European VC, focusing on opportunities presented by the rapid economic growth of China. In her continuous pursuit for a more efficient and affordable way to facilitate international trade with China, Ting launched Crayfish.io in 2017, the first online platform dedicated to English-Chinese bilingual business services. Since 2018 Ting has been advising a number of leading British education solutions and tech firms and helping them achieve their goals for China.