Work Experience Opportunity – Fluent Bilingual Chinese Marketing & Data Analysis

Location: Cambridge / Start date:  Ongoing

Duration: Flexible depending on availability of the candidate, with a minimum 6 weeks period.

The Company

We are an early stage technology startup, with an online platform founded by experience professional practitioners with a clear vision to change the way businesses can interact with the growing demands and desire to trade with and in China. Our aim is to connect businesses, clients, with bilingual freelancers to conduct any project, anytime, anywhere – so taking care of their needs for doing business in China.

Given the unique business opportunity, we have launched our platform in the UK, and we are now growing our business rapidly and extensively. 

If you are an ambitious passionate person who wants to learn more about marketing and data analysis in digital marketing environment,then this work experience position will be ideal for you.

Work Experience Description

You will have the opportunity to:

– Work with teams to design and execute campaigns

– Learn to conduct market research to understand the market and the competitive landscape 

– Analyse customer data for customer evaluation and forecasting

– Help to manage the company’s email marketing database

You will have the great opportunity to learn from our seasoned Chinese business experts. You will be gaining experience in working within a digital and marketing led environment, using the most up-to-date digital platforms, and immersing in an entrepreneurial working environment.

If you are a self- motivated, ambitious yet flexible learner, then this work experience opportunity is right for you. Our ideal you will be:

– Great attention to detail

– Calm, positive and diplomatic, and a good team player

– Excellent at finding a solution to any problem

– Obsessive about quality and always wanting to improve

– Fluent in both English and Chinese Mandarin

– Have a good grasp of IT in particular WordPress, MS Office, and Adobe/Photoshop

– Have a good understanding of all the major Chinese and Western social media platforms, including WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve read this far, you’ll realize this is offering a unique work experience opportunity to be part of a growing business and an awesome growing team. 

Reference letter will also be provided upon successful completion at the end of this work experience. Our previous work experience students are now recruited by many organizations including PwC, Ernst & Young, British Embassy, venture capital and high-tech companies! Therefore, join us is definitely the first step to your career success!

To apply, please write to with your full resume.

Bringing China closer to you through technology.