Predictions for 20th CCP National Congress, Digital Economy, and Rural Communities Markets

Predictions for the 20th CCP National Congress 

Taking place every five years,  the next Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  is planned to commence on Sunday the 16th of October. The outcomes of the Congress are of pivotal importance, as this meeting will decide the leadership structure of the CCP, which will have importance not only for China but implications across global geopolitics. Watch Rana Mitter (Professor of History and Politics of China at Oxford), Victor Shih (Ho Miu Lam Chair Professor in China and Pacific Relations at UC San Diego), and William Hurst at Centre for Geopolitics in conversation series of predictions ahead of the 20th National Congress.

Digital Economy in China

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Would you like to be updated about China’s Digital Economy? We brought you the latest figures and trends from one of China’s leading academic experts in the telecoms and digital industry, Professor Jianqiu Zeng.

The Chinese Market Is More Than Just Its Urban Centers

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Multinationals are exiting China in record numbers — and much of this is due to geopolitical uncertainty. But not all failures can be blamed on politics; poor strategic choices are also to blame. Too many multinational companies start by targeting China’s rich urban markets. But as a few, such as chip manufacturer AMD, have discovered, along with many of China’s most successful homegrown companies like Pinduoduo, starting in China’s rural communities cities may be a better entry strategy, writes Christopher Marquis, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Digital opportunities for marketing and sales in China

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This past Tuesday, at an interesting webinar organised by our partner Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC)Jane Ru, our Director of Growth & Operations, shared with the audience practical tips for creating a marketing strategy and utilizing local marketing channels and E-commerce in China. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please write us an email at or leave a comment here.

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