Widespread enthusiasm for Crayfish China Accelerator Programme

Widespread enthusiasm for Crayfish China Accelerator Programme

We’re delighted to see that our launch last week of the Crayfish China Accelerator Programme – supported by a £500k investment fund dedicated to helping UK businesses access the  lucrative Chinese market – has attracted great interest from the business world, key media and other stakeholders.

The ground-breaking initiative, which marries early stage funding from UK-China Enterprise Ltd (UKCE), a Chinese-capital-backed VC fund, with the comprehensive business services we provide at Crayfish.io, has so far generated significant coverage in both The Daily Telegraph and China Daily, as well as in local Cambridge publications including Cambridge Independent, Business Weekly and Cambridge Network.

Crayfish.io’s Founder and CEO, Ting Zhang, was also interviewed about the innovative scheme on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Read more about the Crayfish China Accelerator Programme.


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