New strategic partnership for

Cambridge-based Ltd (“Crayfish”) announces a new strategic partnership with Sinofaith IP Group Limited (“Sinofaith”), a leading intellectual property service company headquartered in Shanghai.

The two companies see great synergies in optimising Crayfish’s reputation and extensive network in the UK and Europe, and Sinofaith’s strong position and resources in the Greater China region. While continuing to serve British and European businesses in their efforts to enter and expand in the Far East, Crayfish will promote Sinofaith’s IP service portfolios in the UK and Europe, as well as jointly developing new IP related offerings, focusing on patent licensing and IP commercialisation.

Start-ups and scale-ups looking to raise funds for their global expansion will also benefit from introductions by Crayfish to Sinofaith’s pan-Asian investor network.  To  expedite Crayfish’s launching of its  IP offerings and as part of the collaboration, Sinofaith is investing into Crayfish’s UK operation, generating two immediate new employment opportunities.

“This is a significant development for Crayfish in our sixth year, “ said Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of Crayfish. “Many of our clients are innovative businesses and knowing how to protect their intellectual property in Greater China remains a constant challenge. In the meantime, they are open to new ways of monetising their IP in times of economic uncertainty.

“Sinofaith has an excellent track record in both protecting and enforcing thousands of IP rights in Asian markets and it has an integrated approach to help commercialise technology. The expertise of its team will help us to extend our value-added services to clients and enable us to better support IP rich organisations at all stages of their internationalisation journey. “

Kevin Sun, CEO and Chairman of  Sinofaith IP Group, commented: “Having established ourselves in the US market, Sinofaith is now on track to build an international IP service brand through cooperation with professional investment institutions and strategic partners around the world. I have known Ting for 20 years since her previous consultancy business and we enjoyed a very productive collaboration,  so this new partnership with Crayfish feels very natural to us as we expand our business in the UK and Europe. We look forward to working closely with Crayfish and jointly serving many more multinational organisations in the years to come. “

“The Chinese lunar calendar year just started. It is the Year of the Rabbit, which in the Chinese zodiac fortune predictions is believed to bring excitement, prosperity and surprises that run in both directions – so it promises to be anything but boring!” Ting Zhang added.

If you are interested in a collaboration, please get in touch with the Crayfish team here.