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Can I cancel the project after I claim a project?
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cancel a project once you commence work on delivering the project, unless a fee proportionate to the work is paid or we otherwise agree in writing with you.
When will I receive payment?
You will receive payment within 14 days after the service delivered and project milestone approved by the client.
How do I accept a fixed price project?
You will receive notification when a fixed service is purchased if you are a pre-approved provider. You may accept it at your discretion unless and until another provider has accepted before you. When clients purchase a fixed price service, you need to accept the project within 1 working day or the project might be assigned to another available service provider. A fixed price project will be assigned to a provider on a first come, first serve basis. You need to act quickly if you are available to...
Can I claim for fixed price projects after my registration on the platform?
After registration on our platform, your profile and CV will be reviewed and our customer service team either approve your profile to become a service provider on our Marketplace, or let you know if you do not meet our criteria. We select and invite approved service providers to deliver our fixed price services. To qualify for this, you need to go through a strict vetting process including a video interview with you.
Will the fixed price services I developed be exclusive to me?
All service providers will be shown on the front-end of this platform as an individual, you will be the designer of the fixed price service if your submitted service is approved and listed by
Will Clients know my brand name on our platform?
After registration on our platform, you can use ‘Workspace’ to communicate with clients and manage projects, for the best interests of both ends, you and the clients will be known and communicate with each other as an individual without involving branding/naming of the legal entities which you may belong to.
Can I sign up as an agency, instead of an individual?
This platform is open to both freelancers and agencies. However, you have to name an individual as the contact person and upload his/her photo as the account profile image even if you are an agency. As an agency you can upload company introduction to replace the CV for individual freelancers, this document is particularly important for the vetting and approval of your registration on our platform.
Can I develop my own fixed price service?
Yes, you are encouraged to design your own service. You can offer any cross-border services you wish as long as it’s legal and complies with our terms. There are over 80 categories you can browse to get ideas. The designer of the service has the priority to win the project. Please design fixed price to include the following information and submit by email to The name of the service Why clients need this service (benefits) The Deliverables The Timeframe and Milestones The...
I have just registered as a provider, why can't I bid for jobs?
If you have just registered with us, you will need to fill in your profile details, upload relevant documents and then submit your profile for approval. We will either approve the profile or contact you to ask for further information within two working days. Upon approval, you will be immediately able to bid or submit your proposal for projects on Crayfish.
How soon can I become a successful service provider on Crayfish?
When you deliver great work to your Clients, success will follow and your ratings will reflect that. The most successful providers are: Proficient in bilingual skills. Knowledgeable about Chinese business and the culture. Responsive to Client needs. Excellent at communicating with their Clients. Upfront about their abilities and deadlines. Able to deliver excellent work on time, every time.